• The XC90 we purchased performed seamlessly and both Myrna and myself had a wonderful experience driving the car back from Nerang.
    We covered a distance of 6828 km’s and used $840 in fuel, a testimony to the fuel efficiency of the car.
    Thanks again to you and Vicki for your hospitality and assistance.Kind regards,
  • Dear Russell,
    Wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the Volvo.  It’s truly a lovely car to drive and we have been doing a bit of that.  Last month we went to Melbourne to see Allan’s brother who has been unwell and the car performed like a dream on the trip there and back.  Allan was very impressed with the power when going up hills and he was bragging that not a car passed us on the way down until we got into Melbourne proper.  It was pretty well much the same on the way back as well and I was calling him a lead foot and said he would probably end up with a string of speeding fines from all those cameras they have down there.  But he didn’t, much to my surprise!  He did all the driving because they don’t want me to drive on those fast highways so we stayed overnight at Wodonga there and back and had a lovely few days away.
    I am enjoying having my independence back so much – just pop into my lovely little car and off I go!  Can’t thank you enough, Russell, for all your help and patience.Best wishes,
    Brenda Sloane


  • Can i just say thank you very much!!!!!! 🙂
    You totally made my week already with your item and with the speedy delivery.
    i have been looking for one of these in Australia for months. called dealers, wreckers, spare parts departments and ordering online from os was becoming a nightmare of time and expense.
    i installed it today and i have over drive for the first time since getting my Volvo.
    i could not be a happier customer ever. Truly AMAZING. Thank you Thank Thank you again.
    Cheers Dan. (via eBay)
  • Hi Russel,
    Many thanks for a beautiful car……..
    Ron & Dorothy
  • Our Dearest Russell,
    Thank you so much for looking after us with our beautiful Volvo’s!
    The 6th one just drove out of your shop!
    To have such honesty in business is truly a blessing.
    Karen & John Ketley
  • Russell & Terry,
    Many thanks for your superb service.
    Pauline & Don Reid
  • Really good honest advice and an amazing knowledge of all things Volvo. I don’t go anywhere else.
    Andrew Robson
  • Want a part for any Volvo? just ask Russell ..they’re the encyclopaedia of Volvo, great prices too!
    Nick Walsh
  • I have a fleet of Volvo’s under my care.
    Any need for parts or technical advice will see me contacting Terry at Hinterland without fail.
    His advice and dedication to service have saved me from many a sleepless night in caring for my beloved cars.
    Robert Bakker
    Principal B.Com.LL.B ANZIF aff.